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About WithTherapy

Access to therapy changes lives. Yet, what should be straightforward — finding a therapist — is a frustrating, tangled mess.

Worse, it denies people compassionate care when they need it most.

WithTherapy was created to fix this fundamental problem.

Your Search For a Therapist Redefined

A carefully designed set of questions power the meticulously-built intelligent matching system that we’ve created. It’s our solution for detangling and demystifying your search for the right therapist.

  1. We’re Listening. You’ll provide details about your schedule, location, and other necessary priorities.
  2. Precise Guidance. You’ll share your preferences for therapy — including therapist background and style.
  3. Personalized Matches. Decades of clinical research and experience inform the therapists that we present. You’ll have the ability to make smart, real-time choices.
  4. Direct Access. You can request an appointment right away. In this way, WithTherapy speeds up the time between your search and first appointment.

And When National Crises Arises, We Respond

Our core mission is to ensure that when people need a therapist, they find the right one easily. That means challenging outdated traditions and misguided assumptions about how finding a therapist should work.

What happens when there’s a national emergency and people need emergency mental health support?

In truly extraordinary times, we’ll use our intelligent platform to create agile temporary mental health safety nets to support those in need of short-term, free assistance.

This is made possible by the compassion and skill of the therapists on the WithTherapy platform and their desire to give back to their communities.

Our Leadership

We are private practice therapists, psychologists, professors, software engineers, and healthcare entrepreneurs and consultants.

We’re driven by passion, science, and commonsense to improve the mental health and mental healthcare of our communities.

Heather Z Lyons, PhD, Licensed Psychologist
Heather Z Lyons, Ph.D.
Brad Brenner, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
Brad Brenner, Ph.D.
Keith Clemson, Ph.D., Licensed Professional Counselor
Keith Clemson, Ph.D.

Seth Halpern, MBA
Brett Westphal
Erik Conroy, MBA

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