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Finding a therapist is ridiculously hard. In time, WithTherapy will be the most comprehensive and straightforward way to search for a therapist that meets your needs.

For now, we’re utilizing a beta version of our intelligent therapy search platform to build something never tried before — an agile emergency safety net of mental health providers.

If you need a hand during these tough times, we invite you to find the growing number of therapists on WithTherapy who are providing free, short-term emergency mental health support in their communities.

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Maybe you’re struggling with new anger, anxiety, or hopelessness. Or perhaps you’re striving to be healthier for your kids or family, battling back fears, or recognizing previous challenges coming back.

Our beta search platform will intelligently guide you to discover mental health experts in your community who are a good match for you and what you’re confronting. You’ll even be able to request an appointment easily.

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From you, we learned that when people seek therapy, they need direct answers. It’s crucial to have assistance sorting through which therapists have the right skills and who can help you to make progress.

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Improve access to mental healthcare? We've already started.

Outdated traditions, misguided assumptions, and neglect have meant that people seeking therapy get stuck in mazes that seem to have no end.

WithTherapy focuses on finding a solution for the very beginning: How do you find and connect with a therapist who’s a good fit?

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