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Mental health might seem like a mystery. It doesn’t have to be. Use our growing knowledge base to better and more compassionately understand yourself and others.

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Academics & Career

Learning and working occupy many years of life. For some people, things fall into place, and we find our groove.  For others, there are hiccups, big and small.

Anxiety & Stress

Sometimes stress takes over our lives. Anxiety Disorders mean constant worry, feeling physically wound up, and always being on edge. There are many ways to find help and feel calmer.

Depression & Bipolar

More than having bad days. Depression and Bipolar Disorders (and other Mood Disorders) make work, relationships, and life a true struggle. However, there are many effective treatments.

Identity & Discrimination

Being outside the norm means you're strong and understand the power of diversity. At the same time, it's not easy and comes with significant challenges and incredible struggles. With Therapy sees all of you.

Life Events & Trauma

Things happen in life that bring joy and satisfaction. Other events occur that change everything and leave us struggling just to get by. We don't want you to suffer with that alone.

Relationships & Kids

Connections to others define life. Our friends, families, partners, and kids shape our past and future, bringing us significant frustration, heartbreak, and joy.

Self-Image & Self-Harm

Ask any teenager and you'll instantly know the complexity and doubts related to how we think about our selves. This is also true of adults and the ways that we treat our minds and bodies well -- or poorly.

Serious & Chronic Mental Illness

Each of us has a way of being in the world and interacting with people in it. Some of us experience life-altering serious disruptions to how we perceive and interact with the world. Others of us have enduring struggles with rigid and counterproductive ways of thinking, acting, and reacting that cause significant distress and pain.

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